What is the difference between laundering and dry cleaning?

Dry Cleaning: When your clothes are dry cleaned, non-water-based solvents are used to remove stains, before they are crisply pressed.

Launder & Press: With laundered items, water and detergent are used. Your clothes are washed in a commercial-grade washing machine, emerge slightly damp, and then are individually pressed.

So what’s the benefit of using Launder & Press?

• It’s gentle on fabric: The chemicals used to dry clean your clothes can cause materials to deteriorate over time. Laundering, on the other hand, removes stains and everyday grime using water and gentler detergents.

• It’s ideal for removing sweat, oils, and dirt: Laundering is more effective than dry cleaning at removing sweat and oil from fabrics, so it is typically the best choice for dress shirts and cotton blouses. After clothes are laundered, they are pressed and hung for that crisp, fresh-from-the-cleaner look.

High-quality laundry & dry cleaning services like OJAS SHOES BAGS LAUNDRY read the care label on your clothing and make the call between chemical dry cleaning and laundering to maximize the life of your clothes.

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