Shoe Cleaning Process : Tips

Shoe cleaning is process which is important for us in daily needs because shoe or footwear are primary part of our clothing personality, as we say “personality of men recognize by his shoes” her we give some tips for remain your shoes clean for daily basis :

  • First of all always try to stay away your shoes getting wet and oily spots  because normal dirt easily came out but hard stains like wine food oil stains are very tough to handle and sometime they never came out which is off course spoil your expensive shoes.
  • Always keep your shoes in a covered  area or in pack so that they are safe from upper dust because when shoes are stay for a long time  heavy dirt layer came on the shoe which is hard to remove.
  • For cleaning your shoe you must know the made by material of your shoe like leather, sued, fabric, rexin, denim etc 
  • For Fabric shoes water wash is a good option take some liquid detergent in small bowl mix with water as 1:4 ratio  rub according  to the softness or hardness of your shoes completely, always start from sole area. 
  • For leather and rexin shoes never touch  even a drop of water take some drops of any essential oil on  microfiber cloth and apply on it smoothly clean. for sole take some thinner apply on the complete sole for cleaning 
  • for sued take some water and apply on shoes smoothly with the help of  microfiber cloth and let them dry after dry apply sued polish available in market and clean sole from thinner 

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